Recreational Island House

place: Breukelen
year: 2011
size: 21 m2
status: completed
client: private client

On an island in the lake of Loosdrecht we designed a recreational house that answers to the specific needs of the client. The house embraces the natural context of the island and subtly blends in. It's transparent facades create a visual tunnel effect; emphasizing the island's slim but long shape.


Nursing home De Roef

place: Rijssen
year: 2013
size: 3740 m2
status: Technical Design
client: De Goede Woning, Rijssen + Stichting Philadelphia Zorg

The design for this building for mentally disabled people is based on the same principles as the other buildings of the Eltheto complex: it's about the quality of living. The provided healthcare is supporting this quality together with the architecture of the building.


Assisted living Eltheto Rijssen

place: Karel Doormanstraat/ Schoolstraat, Rijssen
year: 2009 – 2014
size: 20.000 m2
status: under construction
client: Twinta, de Goede Woning, Philadelphia
contractor: Hegeman, Nijverdal

In Rijssen we designed the new healthcare and housing complex ‘Eltheto’ for elderly people. Until recently elderly people were seen as a group that functions outside of modern society and are only in need of care.


Entrance Scheepmakerskade/ Glashaven

place: Scheepsmakerskade, Rotterdam
year: 2010-2013
size: 32 m2
status: completed
client: VvE Scheepmakerskade/ Glashaven
contractor: Wallaard, Noordeloos light advisor: R. Vredenborg Modernista

The new entrance stairs for a large housing block in the city centre of Rotterdam connects the public domain to an elevated semi private domain. We designed the new entrance with the idea of finding a balance between invitation and separation.


Subway Corridors Slinge

place: Rotterdam
year: 2009
size: 500 m2
status: completed
client: RET

The neighborhood around subway station Slinge in Rotterdam has, in the past, been a place of social problems and insecurity.Playing a key role in upgrading the neighborhood the subway station needed a major overhaul.


Spa en Wellness-Thermae de Biesbosch

place: National Park ‘de Biesbosch’
year: 2010
size: 5.000 m2
status: building permit phase
client: Thermen de Biesbosch BV

Thermen de Biesbosch is a multifunctional spa and wellness centre located in the heart of the National Landscape ‘de Biesbosch’ close to the city of Dordrecht.


Baseball stadium and training facility UVV

place: Utrecht
year: 2009
size: 7.775 m2
status: ongoing
client: UVV

Baseball has become a popular sport in The Netherlands the last few years. Winning the 2011 world championship will contribute even more to its popularity.


MFA Rozenburg Sports Hall

place: Rozenburg, Rotterdam
year: 2012
size: 5.000 m2
status: invited competition
client: Municipality of Rotterdam

With the MFA (Multi Functional Accommodation), containing swimming pool, sport hall, multifunctional rooms and cantina, the town of Rozenburg will get a new social and sports meeting point connected to the green forest that surrounds the site.


Cittadella del Commiato

place: Ferrara, Italy
year: 2012
size: 1.510m2
status: competition
client: Municipality of Ferrara

In Italy’s past it was normal to keep the dead in their own home until the funeral. In modern society this is often not possible anymore which results into a growing demand for funeral centers.


St. Estève Vineyard

place: Saint Estève, France
year: 2002
size: 500 m2
status: not completed
client: Chateaux St. Estève

For the Château Saint Estève vineyard we designed an extension for their existing hameau. The extension combines different programs, like a caveau, salle de bureau, chambre au vignoble and a restaurant under one roof.