Remko Remijnse, born in 1974, this architect’s journey began with his graduation with honors from TU Delft in 2001. His early career took shape at Kaan Architects in Rotterdam, where he was immersed in a variety of national and international projects. In 2002, he took a significant step by establishing Remijnse Architecture, laying the foundation for his philosophy of creating impactful, timeless designs with a strong emphasis on social and sustainable connections.

His design philosophy resonated with architect Rocco Reukema, leading to their partnership in 2005 and the founding of 2by4-architects. Together, they carved a niche for themselves, winning multiple competitions and earning international acclaim for their socially conscious and community-enhancing designs.

By 2016, Remijnse took sole ownership of 2by4-architects, steering the firm towards a sustainable future with a focus on modularity and circularity. Under his leadership, the firm embarked on designing numerous sustainable, circular recreational parks, multifunctional accommodations, hotels, and housing projects, establishing itself as a pioneer in modular design and continually pushing the boundaries of architecture.

Remijnse’s commitment to social engagement extends beyond his architectural practice. Since 2002, he has been actively involved in teaching and lecturing at esteemed institutions such as TU-Delft, the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam, and The University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. His expertise has also been shared internationally, as he has given lectures and taught at the University of San Salvador and engaged in NGO work on the Cape Verde Island of Sal.

From 2011 to 2020, Remijnse served as the head of the Bachelor of Architecture department in Rotterdam. Leading a dedicated team of ambitious educators, he played a vital role in developing the program’s curriculum, focusing on architectural content that encompasses sustainability and addresses contemporary social challenges.

Currenty Remijnse is asked on regular basis to lecture on his experience with modular and prefab design.

*credits to artist Kristina Barbalat



Agnese Argenti, born in 1989, graduated in architecture at Roma Tre University in 2014. Argenti works at 2by4-architects since 2016 and in these years she has been involved in all phases of design in projects of any scales. She has a very rational approach to the design, great experience in concept making, in architectural visualization, in team management on complex projects and in prefabricated modular production for architecture.
Key figure in designing:
– Recreational park Gulpen – Main building;
– Hof van Jacob Residential Care Housing, Haarlem;
– Residential Care Housing Hof Kromwege, Vlissingen.


Emanuele Saracino, born in 1990, graduated in architecture at Polytechnic University of Bari in 2016, working at 2by4-architects since 2018. These years gave him experience in all phases of the design, working on complex projects in several fields of architecture. He gained skills in team management on complex projects, BIM management, architectural visualization and prefabricated modular production for architecture.
Key figure in designing:
– Recreational park Brielle – Main building;
– Hof van Jacob Residential Care Housing, Haarlem;
– Recreational park Zandvoort – Main building.

*credits to artist Kristina Barbalat

Current and former employees

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Thank you for your interest in 2by4-architects.

2by4-architects are always interested in talented, motivated and independent designers. At 2by4-architects you will find a very professional, inclusive and friendly environment to work in.

– independence in work and creativity
– available for a minimum of 6 months
– fluently english speaking
– excellent computer & model skills


For inquiries and open applications, send a single PDF (max. 10Mb.) containing your CV and Portfolio via email to: info@2by4.nl

Please put your Name + ‘Internship’ in the subject line.