Spa en Wellness – Thermen de Biesbosch

Location: National Park ‘de Biesbosch’
Year: 2010
Area: 5.000 m2
Status: building permit phase
Client: Thermen de Biesbosch BV
Team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Isabel Rivas, Chris Vught

Thermen de Biesbosch is a special spa and wellness center located in a beautiful natural area called ‘de Biesbosch’ near Dordrecht. The main idea behind its design was to make sure the building fit in perfectly with the nature around it, making it a great place for visitors to enjoy a true spa experience.
The building is cleverly designed to blend into the landscape. The bottom part is tucked into a hill of greenery, making it look as if it’s part of the earth. This not only makes the spa fit in with its surroundings but also creates a cozy and private outdoor area.
Above this green hill, the top part of the building has a metal roof and walls that reflect the greenery and the sky. This makes the building sort of disappear into the landscape, looking like it’s part of the natural setting.
Inside, the spa is all about giving visitors a real and meaningful spa experience, focusing on traditional bathing rituals from around the world. Unlike other modern wellness centers that focus on quick and flashy experiences, Thermen de Biesbosch pays attention to the true nature of these rituals. This means designing spaces that meet the needs of each bathing ritual, from the layout and the way sunlight enters, to the materials used and the overall feel of the place.
Each part of the spa is designed to offer a different experience, whether it’s the warmth and community feel of a Hamam or the quiet and solitude of a Finnish sauna. The goal is to make each visit memorable, allowing guests to deeply relax and feel refreshed.
By avoiding the common trend of making spas flashy and full of short-lived attractions, Thermen de Biesbosch sets itself apart as a place where visitors can truly connect with the traditions of bathing and the beauty of nature. It’s not just a place to visit; it’s an experience that invites visitors to come back again and again.