Project Description

Roompot Lakeside Resort Brielle – Main building

Location: Brielle
Year: 2019-2023
Area: 1.720 m2
Status: built
Client: Inleisure & Roompot
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino
Landscape: Snoek Puur Groen
Interior: HD+VK
Contractor: Lagendijk en Stout

In summer of 2023 Roompot Brielsekreek recreational park will open its doors. The park is located in a very touristic area close to the western border of Rotterdam and along the mouth of the Maas, in the side of the “Brielse Meer”. It’s a very peculiar location, since it inherits characteristics of both natural countryside landscape and industrial harbor district of Rotterdam. Because of its unique location the park will attract various kinds of guests, from city dwellers to countryside lovers.
The landscape design of the park was based on the concept of differentiating the relation between water and land, so it possible to distinguish 3 different habitats within the park: a riverside landscape with willows leaning on the water, a sandy bight with a small island, a countryside area crossed by canals and ponds.

The central building of the park is located near the entrance and the parking, marking the separation line between the canals area and the riverside, along the main boulevard that crosses the whole park. The building consists in a ground floor integrated in a hill, with deep cuts in it showing glass facades, and a very light top floor with a large pavilion roof.
In the groundfloor there are 4 cuts, one for each main function hosted there: bike rental, loading area for storage rooms and techical area, with particular attention to the animation facing the water pond on the south-west facade.
On the top floors there are two volumes, one hosting reception, mini-shop and restaurant and the other with offices and employees accomodation, separated by the outdoor terrace of the restaurant that overlooks the whole park till the river.

The structure is thought as a concrete box, sinked in the ground, that bears the load of a light top floor with its indipendent structure and the mostly open roof structure that gives materic presence to the whole building, since it’s the biggest element not hidden in the ground. For this reason much attention is given to the materialization of the roof, which presents itself as a dark wood volume with double inclination, with a mostly open inner part with light wood beams that connect to the two volumes on the first floor.