Reeuwijk Recreational Villa

Location: Reeuwijk
Year: 2023
Area: 100 m2
Status: built
Client: private
Team: Remko Remijnse, Kristina Barbalat

This recreational villa is located in a beautiful location in Reeuwijk, with the plot facing the Reeuwijk lakes on south-west. According to this main characteristic of the plot, the main facade looks towards south-west and the whole volume of the villa is designed as one big frame for the beautiful pictorial landscape. The living room is provided with a massive glass facade as well as the master bedroom to easily enjoy the view. The volume of the master bedroom protrudes towards the lake, creating some shadow and privacy to the terrace. The pergola and wooden lamella are also used to achieve the same result, adding even more emphasis to the framing of the landscape, so that looking from inside at the lake will always seem like looking at a picture or a painting of a master of the Den Haag school. The facade materials have been chosen for sustainability reasons and to blend well in an area with mostly traditional wooden facades.

In the landscape design special care was put into keeping the existing and using it, thanks to the right positioning of the villa, to create shade on the facade and to add an extra layer to the already beautiful setting of the painting-like landscape.

The interior layout has been designed to give the best view towards the lakes. The livingroom can become one big open space with the terrace, if all glass partitions are open, while in the flat rood there is a skylight to give more light to the kitchen side. Distribution surfaces are reduced to minimum while the bedrooms are both provided with a private complete bathroom, following the client’s wish. Both bedrooms are designed and arranged to enjoy the different but equally beautiful views of the lakes towards south-west and south-east.

Everything in the design choices makes this the perfect recreational house for the client, to relax in the poetic Reeuwijk lakes, without giving up any comfort.