Project Description

Recreational housing Waterdunen, Breskens

place: Breskens
year: 2014
size: 2.000 m2 (50 woningen, 4 varianten)
status: sketch design
client: Molecaten
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Lucia Valero

At the invitation of Molecaten, 2by4 architects were asked to design a series of recreational homes for the ambitious ‘Waterdunen’ landscape plan. Waterdunes is characterized by its diversity of natural areas and the various spheres to which 2by4-architects responded to with 4 different recreational. The idea at the base of the different homes is identical: to say goodbye to the standard recreational homes with which the entire region is already full and go back to the basis of what a recreation home should be, namely a unique place to enjoy the most of the area. What distinguishes the 4 different homes is the way they interact with the environment.

The ‘staircase’ is a 2-story house with a compact sleeping program on the first floor and a fully open living program on the ground floor. On the ground floor, the landscape goes under the house. In this space, you can cook and hang hammocks or place mats on the floor. Simple folding elements can be used as windscreens.