Recreational park Waterdunen, Breskens

place: Breskens
year: 2014
size: 2.000 m2
status: sketch design
client: Molecaten
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Lucia Valero

Upon Molecaten’s request, 2by4 architects embarked on designing a set of recreational homes for the ambitious ‘Waterdunen’ landscape project. Waterdunen stands out for its varied natural landscapes, inspiring 2by4-architects to conceive four distinct recreational cabins, each responding uniquely to its surroundings. Central to the design philosophy was a departure from the conventional recreational homes saturating the region, aiming instead for singular abodes that enhance visitors’ experiences of the natural beauty around them. The uniqueness of the four designs lies in their interaction with the natural setting.

The ‘staircase’ is a two-level structure with a compact arrangement for sleeping quarters on the upper floor and a completely open plan for living spaces on the lower level. The design ingeniously incorporates the landscape, allowing it to flow beneath the house, where cooking spaces and areas for hammocks or floor mats are situated. Simple foldable elements can be adapted as windbreaks, further blending the indoor with the outdoor.

The ‘change wagon’ emphasizes the fluid transition between indoors and outdoors, featuring a generous veranda that effectively extends the living area. The integrated kitchen serves both the indoor space and the veranda, enhancing the versatility and openness of the design.

Breaking from conventional layouts, the ‘village house’ disperses its functions across three distinct volumes: one each for sleeping, cooking, and bathing. These are unified by a central terrace that acts as an expansive outdoor living room, with each volume tailored to its specific function, fostering a collective identity for the dwelling.

Designed with the ultimate nature enthusiast in mind, the ‘birdhouse’ serves as a piece of living room furniture. This ultra-compact home is adaptable both inside and out, meeting spatial needs and fostering interaction with the surroundings without compromising on comfort.

Each design represents a thoughtful departure from standard recreational housing, offering unique ways for visitors to immerse themselves in the Waterdunen’s diverse natural landscapes.