Project Description

Zandvoort recreational park – Main building

Location: Zandvoort
Year: 2019
Area: 650 m2
Status: built
Client: Inleisure
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino, Manfredi Guidi di Bagno
Landscape: Snoek Puur Groen
Interior: RH Interieurs
Contractor: Peter Peters

Mid July 2019 recreational park Zandvoort recreational park opened its doors. The park is situated between the Formula 1 track, the national park Kennemerland and the beach of the town of Zandvoort. It’s also conveniently close to the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam. Because of its unique location the park will attract a very diverse group of guests. From city dwellers to beachgoers and from nature lovers to race fanatics. For the design of the park this meant that it couldn’t be a ‘1 size fits all’ concept and should be able to accommodate this diverse group of guests. The architecture of the park plays a key role in giving meaning and expression to this diversity.

The park accommodates 100 cottages and 2 public pavilions and is designed like a dune park where the sand literally flows against the building. The cottages are situated on plateaus on different heights and all have a different orientation. This creates different atmospheres, sight lines and spatial experiences throughout the compact designed park.

Guests enter the park from the Zandvoort boulevard, making their way down to the main building that is in the middle of the park. This building has all the social functions like restaurant and animation space. The appearance is similar to the visitor center, but instead of having a solid concrete basement this building has a corten steel volume on the roof. Inside this closed volume there is the keeper’s house. The volume gives the sense that it has been there for ages and that the nearby sea has had a corroding effect on the material. The keeper’s house is only open towards the seaside, giving a magnificent view. From this side the keeper can access a roof terrace that runs around the whole volume providing views to the park, the dunes and the Formula 1 race track. In the heart of the house there is a patio that provides daylight for all the rooms. The social programs are located in glass volumes on ground floor that can be opened to create a strong inside-outside connection.