Residential Care Housing Eltheto, Rijssen

Location: Rijssen
Year: 2009 – 2015
Area: 4.350 m2
Status: built
Client: Twinta, de Goede Woning
Team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Jille Koop, Marco Olgiati, Fernando Herrera, Georgios Siokas, Christine Vriesema, Magdalena Orzel, Edyta Wisniewska, Nicolae Petrencu, Jessica Branchesi, Adela Lorenzo, Isabel Rivas, Julien Bezault, Amaia Lezaun, Michael Labory, Leonor Coutinho, Laura Maasry, Bart Machielsen, Tieme Zwartbol

Nursing home ‘Eltheto’ hosts small-scale residential groups for psychogeriatric and somatic care. The building, together with the existing building ‘de Reling’, forms the gateway to the square and the health center. The elderly in this facility need a socially safe environment with a view of a vibrant outdoor space. All rooms and shared spaces, therefore, have a direct visual relationship with the squares and the surrounding area. The different living rooms of the living groups are clearly recognizable in the facade. The building has a modern look and feels vivid due to the composition of the windows, the wooden accents and the large patios, balconies, and loggias. The variation and position of the outdoor spaces provide a lot of liveliness and interaction. The windows are deep in the nose and the windows are cleared in the walls. Even deeper in the facades are the outer spaces. Creating a warm atmosphere creates a warm atmosphere in the exterior of the woods. To finish the facade composition, niches without windows are used to break the tight white surface even further.

If one or more of the senses deteriorates in the elderly, it is important that the other senses are sufficiently stimulated. Light, color contrasts, differences in texture, temperature and odor are important. Special attention is paid to the interior of the group housing. In order to maintain their own identity when incorporated into a care facility, small-scale living groups will be employed. Each living group has its own recognizable living room and dining room. The emphasis in the residential groups is mainly on living and life with care is well organized in the background.