Project Description

MobyRoom France

year: 2018
size: 28 m2
status: sketch design
client: private
team: Remko Remijnse, Emanuele Saracino

For this project 2by4 architects was asked, from a private client from France, to design a tiny, luxurious, transportable cabin for recreational purpose to be transported by a standard trailer where needed, in fancy touristic locations in France; most likely wine productions area with vineyard and castles. The most important target for this design was to give a luxurious appearance to a very small accommodation unit, keeping everything into a transportable and affordable object, so almost more an industrial design project.

2by4 architects developed the design following a very simple and recognizable volume with a pitch roof but adding technological and architectural value to it with the use of an extendable shading cover for the terrace and the use of very smooth surfaces with round edges for the interior. This allows to have more hidden storage space without giving up the appearance, that’s still warm and exclusive for the final user of this cabin.

Extensive use of glass surface is done to avoid the feeling of being in a narrow space, especially in the living area, that can be open and become one space with the terrace and in the sleeping area, where even on the bed the user can enjoy an almost 360 degrees view to the outside.

All the technical equipment for the comfort of the stay, like air conditioning, heating, ventilation, light and household appliance are hidden and integrated in the cabinets and walls and everything is covered with wood veneer to keep a cozy appearance.