MFA Rozenburg Sports Hall

place: Rozenburg, Rotterdam
year: 2012
size: 5.000 m2
status: invited competition
client: Municipality of Rotterdam
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Isabel Rivas, Nicolae Petrencu, Jessica Branchesi, Adela Lorenzo

With the MFA (Multi Functional Accommodation), containing swimming pool, sport hall, multifunctional rooms and cantina, the town of Rozenburg will get a new social and sports meeting point connected to the green forest that surrounds the site. The MFA is strongly integrated in the landscape by designing a hill-like landscape against the building. The hill also gives the possibility for sports activities outside.

The inside -outside relationship is emphasized from the swimming pool and cantina by using large panoramic windows in the facade. The rest of the facade is made out of profiled metal and concrete which gives a play of shadow and light during the day. On certain parts in the facade the metal is perforated to give a second dimension to the building from a closer distance. The metal has a titanium look and reflects the colors of the surrounding forest and the sky.

The entrance is centrally located and leads directly into a large and spacious corridor from where all the programs can be seen and accessed. A skylight brings light into the corridor and adjacent programs like the swimming pool. Besides the central skylight more light from above is obtained by the use of patios.

All functional programs like dressing rooms and storage spaces are situated in a compact central volume. On top of this volume all office spaces are placed, overlooking the green roof of the building and the forest. This central volume functions as a communicator between the sports hall, the swimming pool and the cantina.

The cantina is situated on the second floor to serve as a stage from where sport activities can be watched. The cantina is located next to the hill outside from where it’s directly accessible by the public thus creating an informal entrance to the building and emphasizing the multi functionality of the building. The multi functionality of the building makes it possible to host more than just sport related activities. Expositions, weddings, parties, fairs, state exams and so on can find place in the building and so it truly becomes an active and social meeting spot for the Rozenburg inhabitants.