Project Description

Hof van Jacob, Haarlem

Location: Haarlem
Year: 2016-2024
Area: 25.320 m2
Status: under construction
Client: Sint Jacob
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino, Pelle Rademakers, Joep van Prooijen, Vittoria Marino, Rosemiek van der Linden, Nestor Ramos Martin, Iria Boscà Sospedra, Raphaela Maria Leu
Contractor: KBK
Management: Hevo Fame
Constructor: Pieters Bouwtechniek
Landscape design: Rrog
Interior design: Livin
Installations: Groen en Aldenkamp

The urban plan for the Hof van Jacob envisions a transformation of the current introvert urban design to an open ensemble with a strong interaction between the site and its context. The large existing building from the seventies for elderly people will be replaced by 7 smaller volumes that together create a courtyard like setup. The 7 buildings are divided into 2 larger elderly homes, a central building that hosts a child daycare, offices and a restaurant, a building with a healthcare center and 3 smaller apartment blocks.

All buildings are designed according to the same principle: living and the quality of life are the central focus. For the architecture of the ensemble of buildings, cohesion and diversity have been chosen. Consistency in clear forms and use of materials and diversity in the color variation and detailing, which give the buildings their own recognizable identity. The ensemble also seeks to connect with the neighborhood and the existing urban structure.
The buildings have a more urban character towards the context. Towards the inner garden, the facades soften. Living rooms and bedrooms are oriented to the outdoor space and provide a lively image from the environment.