Project Description

Ennerveld Recreational Park

Location: Wapenveld
Year: 2020
Area: 12.080 m2
Status: concept
Client: private
Team: Remko Remijnse, Emanuele Saracino, Matteo Carbone

The design for Ennerveld recreational park is a unique way to approach a very challenging site. The plot is a field surrounded by forest, once a recreational park, with one very peculiar morphologic characteristic, a natural depression called “de kuil van Keijl” that slopes down to 15 meters, creating a micro climate at the bottom of the valley which supports the growth of local vegetation.
The concept it to create a design that hides and blend in the environments, so the landscape is left as much as possible untouched, like there is no architecture there.
The northern area is going to host three floors lodges who blend well into the forest environment, with outdoor spaces for common activities among the trees.
The southern side is going have a very different kind of environment and an architecture basically invisible from the inside of the park, apart from few slim wooden towers cabins. To enjoy the view is possible to seamlessly walk on a long green roof spanning along the ridge of the valley, with some staircases cutting the ground to go below, where other lodges are located, having a full and clear view of the valley from a privileged position. The visible part is made by the towers, whose entrances are on the green roof. From the side of the valley the building looks like a series of openings popping out of a green hill, with slim balconies and terraces, while the towers overlook the landscape.
At one end the long hill-shaped building ends with a grassy hill sloping down, while on the other side, seamless starts the main service building of the park, a two floors concrete building who approaches the valley the same way the cabins do, and also has a tower standing on the roof, which continues the series of tower cabins, differentiating from them with the use of concrete instead of wood. This building is used for all the public functions: reception, restaurant, shop, spa-wellness area and watchtower.