Recreational park Delta Marina, Kortgene

Location: Kortgene
Year: 2023
Area: 4.460 m2
Status: masterplan
Client: Inleisure
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino, Kristina Barbalat, Matteo Carbone

The new masterplan for Delta Marina has been developed with a clear vision: to create a harmonious connection between land and water, with a focus on the harbor and water sports. The design breaks away from the current situation of isolated, anonymous static caravans that have little to no relationship with the surrounding harbor environment. Instead, the plan introduces a unique identity and atmosphere for each area that seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of the harbor and the allure of the water.

In the northern part of the site, an open recreational area is planned to treat visitors to expansive views over the harbor, enhancing the sense of space and connectedness to water activities. The eastern zone of the plan is enriched with five tree-lined areas that exude a more intimate atmosphere, each with a specific view of the harbor that strengthens the relationship between land and water. On the southern side of the site, an open beach area is designed to offer visitors a panoramic view of the Veerse Meer, inviting relaxation and contemplation.

A key unifying element throughout the entire masterplan is the nautical themes subtly woven into the design of the new accommodations. Elements such as portholes, white angular roofs, specific use of materials, and compact space utilization, referencing the forecastle of a ship, as well as the recognizable shape of the keel, are applied in a modern and thoughtful manner in the architecture. This thematic approach not only ensures strong visual and conceptual coherence within the entire masterplan but also contributes to a unique and characterful appearance of each subarea.

Through this thoughtful integration of nautical elements and the focus on strengthening the relationship between land and water, the new Delta Marina masterplan promises to become an attractive and vibrant destination that places both the harbor and water sports at its core. The plan embodies a vision where architecture and landscape design merge into a harmonious whole, inviting visitors to explore and enjoy the unique maritime environment.