Collective Villa Landgoed de Hulst, Oldenzaal

place: Oldenzaal
year: 2015
surface area: 1.740 m2
status: architectural selection
client: Landgoed de Hulst
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Lucia Valero, Sanne van der Ploeg, Laurens van Zuidam

The new landscape villa, on the Hulst estate in Oldenzaal, tells a story; a story about the estate and its new user. The villa opens its arms to the estate and maximizes its relationship with the surrounding. The estate is not only visually strong but flows through the villa; this creates a different interaction with the environment at any time of the day. The user, estate, and building are brought closer together and will write a new chapter in the history of the Hulst estate.

The clear horizontal lines, as well as the feature of transparency and simplicity, are combined in the landscape villa with a variety of outdoor spaces that respond to the different environmental qualities. The landscape villa is visually carried by a warm brick cores that grow naturally from the ground throughout the villa, anchoring it in the landscape.

The villa forms a pleasant contrast between its bright lineage and the organic structure of the landscape. It aims not to interfere with the landscape, but rather to let it flow from the outside through the inside. The physical limit between the inside and the outside is eliminated wherever possible and the visual relationship between the home and the landscape is strengthened. The perception of nature felt throughout the day, is different at any time and in any room. By making clever use of the height difference, the villa seems to float subtly with one floor above the landscape.

The entire program of the villa is organized between the horizontal disks so that rest prevails and the facade works as a composite unit. The discs are used as balconies and overlays. There are patios to let the light in the heart of the houses.

A durable vegetation roof is installed, thus, the landscape villa also returns green to the estate.

The houses are situated over two floors and are flexible in the division. The fixed program has been chosen so that it can always be used on the first floor so that the property is future-proof. On the ground floor, there are the parking spaces, the main entrance, storage room and two rooms in the garden. Together, this program forms a natural mass bearing the horizontal discs.

The landscape villa is an operation that allows the owner to sustain the estate for the future. The villa itself will also contribute to sustainability through the applied vegetation roof, this together with the ornamental garden and orchard provides greater biodiversity within the estate. The vegetation cover contributes to a comfortable indoor climate, and the realized overtaking not only adheres to the landscape but also provides natural sun protection. Solar panels can be placed on the vegetation roof. The roof surface is large enough and the panels will not stand out. For the heating and cooling in summer, it is worth investigating whether the location is suitable for the application of geothermal equipment such as a heat pump. In this way, future residents would be less dependent on fossil fuels.