Beach lodges, Zandvoort

Location: Zandvoort
Year: 2021-2023
Area cabins: 520 m2
Status: built
Client: Inleisure
Team: Remko Remijnse, Matteo Carbone, Kristina Barbalat, Agnese Argenti
Interior: RH Interieur
Contractor: Ripstaal Group

On the beach of Zandvoort, renowned for its cozy beach pavilions including Ajuma Beach, Strand Noord, and Sandy Hill, the summer months offer a unique accommodation experience with various specially designed beach houses. There are three different types of houses available: a house for two people, a four-person family house, and a four-person surf house, each with a unique layout and designed with specific users in mind.

The house for two people is conceived as a luxury hotel room right on the beach, including a king-size bed under a skylight for nighttime stargazing experiences, a walk-in shower, and a phenomenal view of the beach and the sea, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

The family house is designed with families in mind, featuring a compact living room that transitions into an adventure-themed play and bedroom for children, alongside a spacious private bedroom for the parents. The living room, overlooking the beach, forms the heart of the house where the family can gather together.

For lovers of beach sports, there is the surf house, exuding adventure with its two double high sleeper beds, each with a skylight. The house offers ample storage space for surfboards and other sports equipment. The living room is designed as an open living space with two lounge areas, perfect for relaxation after an active day on the water.

The designs of the houses are characterized by simplicity and functionality, with clever, compact, and open floor plans all aimed at maximizing the sea view. The minimalist facades, with their clean lines, sloping roofs, and white wooden finishes, seamlessly blend into the relaxed beach atmosphere. This unique accommodation offering on the beach of Zandvoort caters to everyone, whether you come for peace and luxury, family fun, or sports activities.