Private Villa, Zandvoort

Option 1

Option 2

Location: Zandvoort
Year: 2019
Area: 300 m2
Status: concept design
Client: private
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino, Paula Georghie

Zandvoort is a famous touristic location in the Netherlands and its Boulevard Barnaart is the main road facing the sea on the northern side and a long series of luxurious villas, recreational parks and hotels on the southern side.
The client for this project owns a villa on the boulevard, but asked for a new contemporary design. The functional program was very specific, in order to be able to rent out a part of the building to several people, resulting in 3 different apartments with 3 independent access to the building, a direct access to the road from the basement and a swimming pool in the back part of the plot. The main focus for the design was to respect the orientation of the plot, giving more importance to the front facade for the view on the sea, and giving more privacy on the back facade for the swimming pool.
This resulted in two very different options of the same design:
The option 1 is a concrete basement that works as a platform, the top of it is the base for 2 light pitch-roofed volumes with a connecting glass volume between them and a big sun terrace.
The option 2 is made by three layers, a large very closed concrete basement, a smaller, much lighter thanks to the glass surfaces, ground floor and a massive sloping roof volume, that seems to float on the basement, thanks to the glass in the intermediate floor.