Project Description

Penthouse in Rotterdam

Location: Rotterdam
Year: 2019
Area: 400 m2
Status: Sketch Design
Client: Private
Team: Remko Remijnse, Agnese Argenti, Emanuele Saracino, Rosemiek van der Linden and Paula Gheorghe

2by4 architects was asked by a private client to make a sketch design for the construction of a new penthouse situated at end of the roof of an existing apartment block from the eighties in the city center of Rotterdam. The apartment block is located on a sort of harbor peninsula with water on 3 sides. From the rooftop there are beautiful views to the Maas river, the famous Erasmus bridge, the surrounding harbor and the high rise of the city. These views provide the panoramic background for each of the rooms of the penthouse and are literally cutting into the volume of the penthouse, creating an abstract shape. The penthouse slightly floats above the roof of the apartment block and becomes a sort of crown that on one hand follows the contour of the existing apartments and of the other hand gives a complete new identity to both the existing apartments and the context as a whole.

The floorplan, developing on 400 m2, is a direct consequence of the application of these principles to the volume, resulting in several sharp edges, fluid spaces with very large sections and connection passages, uncommon routes to go through the house. Starting from the extension of one floor of common elevator and stairs, the entrance happens through a buffer space designed to have a full glass facade on one side, showing the inner part of the block, and a semi-full partition wall that allows to peek into the living room and, above all, into the terrace towards. Passing by a panoramic hallway, that has a view on the terrace towards the Wijnhaven area, is possible to access to the more private area with a sauna, a big bathroom and big bedroom, all with exclusive views on the outside.

The will to have a monolithic volume led to the choice of anthracite panels for the facade cladding, which also helps in detaching from the existing brick building without attracting too much attention, on a “crossroad” already full of landmarks. The terraces are cladded in light wood, so that shadows and difference in materials can make the massive volume lighter.

All the glass facade are provided with aluminium frames and minimal finishing.

Since the clients are collectors of contemporary art, the interior has been thought like a museum, so with free roaming routes and many spots in which is possible to display the works of art in the most elegant way.