Remko Remijnse (1974)

After graduating with honors at the TU-Delft in 2001 Remijnse has worked for Claus and Kaan Architects in Rotterdam. Here Remijnse was involved in national and international projects. In 2002 Remijnse started his own office called Remijnse Architecture. Here he developed the vision he still stands for: powerful and timeless architecture with a strong social connection. The tasteful designs that came from this vision found a partner in 2005. Together with architect Rocco Reukema, after collectively winning the competition ‘The Future of the Dutch Coast Line’, Remijnse started 2by4-architects. 2by4-architects won multiple competitions and the buildings of 2by4-architects have been published all over the world. The media recognizes their social approach and its value to their designs. The healthcare centre ‘Eltheto’ that is under construction in Rijssen is a good example of this.

Remijnse’s social involvement goes beyond the office. Since 2002 Remijnse is lecturing and teaching at the TU-Delft, the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam and The University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. Internationally Remijnse gave lectures and taught at the University of San Salvador and did NGO work on the Cape Verde Island of Sal. In 2011 Remijnse became head of the Bachelor of Architecture department in Rotterdam. Here, together with a small team of ambitious teachers, Remijnse develops content for the Bachelor program.

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