Project Description

place: Hoofddorp
year: 2016
size: 10000 m2
status: sketch design
client: Ymere
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Agnese Argenti, Manuel Lentini, Juan Camilo Arboleda

2by4-architects helps individuals in the design and realization of their lifecycle house tailored to the individual needs.

In a lifecycle house, you can continue to live even if you are physically or mentally disabled. We work closely with care organizations and we design homes for customers in a wheelchair or with health problems, such as dementia and so on. We have a long time experience in designing healthcare complexes and we can design spaces where the healthcare provider can work well and efficiently. You may need to be well looked after in future. Investing now is worry-free.

The cottage

The cottage houses are compact villa-like homes where the relationship with the outdoor space is the main focus. Characteristics of this property are the front yard and the veranda, application of the American ‘yard’ and ‘porch’. The front yard and veranda form a subtle transition between the street and the house. This transition space is where the social interactivity with the neighborhood is taking place.

The whole house has a senior label that provides the necessary comfort. There is two main design option of the property, with a different living room area and number of bedrooms. Furthermore, it’s also possible to have a garage next to the house or detached from the house.

The Bungalow

The Tudor Bungalow is a modern fully equipped home where the complete program is located on the ground floor. The open living area and the more private sleeping area are well separated.  The third room can easily become a bedroom, a study room or a small studio, according to customers’ need.

The floor is also suitable For the stay of a caregiver. The whole house has a senior label that provides the necessary comfort.  The bungalows are also available with a garage and they can also be connected as a ‘two under one roof’ house.

The mansion

A big, country-style living room characterizes the ‘mansion’. High and bright spaces are combined with traditional materials as well as subtle modern accents. The house has an L-shaped floor plan was given by a sheltered terrace in the backyard.

The bright living room has a high ceiling with wooden trusses in sight. On the first floor it’s possible to have either a guest room or an additional bathroom, or otherwise, you can choose to have a double-height space on the ground floor.