Project Description

place: Hengelo
year: 2002
size: 20.000 m2
status: competition, in collaboration with Joost Woertman
client: Municipality of Hengelo
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Isabel Rivas


Our competition entry Suburban Platform is an answer to the existing context that functions as an intermediate between the city center and the suburbs.

The new housing program is of an urban scale with a suburban quality of living. The backbone of the proposal is a promenade that connects various public spaces which all are different in size, texture and atmosphere.

Some of these public spaces are more intimate and can be partially privatized by the housing program while the more open public spaces are used as a portal to the home offices located on the ground floor.

The diversity in space and program generates spontaneous and unexpected moments for both visitors and inhabitants.

Suburban Platform-Axonometric

Suburban Platform-Eye level impression

Suburban Platform-Housing types 1 of 2

Suburban Platform-Housing types 2 of 2