Project Description

place: Amsterdam
year: 2010
status: competition, honorable mention
client: Oost-Watergraafsmeer
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Stefan de Vos, Jeroen Lemans

I’m ELS, the Ecological Learning System. I’m here to help my inhabitants and teach them how to deal with energy efficiency within their own life style.

I’m a housing unit on the water that is completely autarchic. I monitor my inhabitants and learn how they live, consume and what their daily needs are.

From the information they provide I adjust my energy output in the most efficient way. I learn from them, but they also learn from me. I give them a full update on how energy efficient they live and where they can improve.

I can produce energy in many different ways. I can produce so much energy that instead of a energy user I become and energy provider. I can produce more than 4 times the amount of energy that an average family uses on daily basis.

All the energy that is not being used I store in a collective generator that powers street lights and other common things.

Making energy is my primary task. All day and night I’m busy with collecting as much energy as possible. I collect and produce energy in many different ways. My deck is made out of solar cells. I have solar sails that not only make me look good but they enable me to move from and to the shore.

This continuous movement powers a generator. Inside I have a algae battery where all the energy is stored. After a life cyclus of 3 years the battery needs to be replaced. The algae in the old battery will produce a residue of bio oil which can be used to power cars and such.

I process a unique water recycling system that produces and reuses almost all the water needs of my inhabitants. With this system I’m able to water a internal green house where crops can grow and water is filtered.

I keep my inhabitant informed all the time and send all the latest energy updates to their mobile phone. My inhabitant can also provide me information from outside. With their mobile phone they can, for example, let me know they’ll be bringing guests tonight so I know what the right time is to start heating the house and how much extra energy I need to collect.

As you can see: We do things different, we do Something ELS.

Something ELS-night view

Something ELS-section

Something ELS-Sun sails closed

Something ELS-Sun sails open

Something ELS-energy collection

Something ELS-Detail

Something ELS-Detail