Project Description

place: Den Haag, Wassenaar, Voorschoten- Leidschendam
year: 2008
size: 6 km
status: concept design
client: Pact van Duivenvoorde
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Simon Verduijn, Toon Stallaart

The urban sprawl in the Randstad has put a lot of pressure on the cultural landscapes around the cities.

Once,the cities where little islands in the landscape, but now they have swapped positions and the landscapes have become little islands inside the urban agglomeration. Most of these landscapes still contain cultural values.

To conserve the landscape, organizations like the State Forestry and local governments have completely closed these areas from the public.

In our research project ‘Boardwalk’ we’ve introduced a solution that allows visitors to gain knowledge and understand the cultural landscape by using and enjoying it in a specific way.
Boardwalk-General Vision