Project Description

place: Zwolle
year: 1999
size: 8 m2
status: completed
client: Municipality of Zwolle
team: Remko Remijnse


For this project we transformed a cargo container into an exhibition space. The minimalistic approach enables us to maximize the spatial experience in this small space.

The emphasis is on light and seduction. Light in the sense that the translucent facade will create an illuminated atmosphere inside during daytime and during the night the light inside will illuminate the container’s direct surroundings.

The light and translucency only shows silhouettes of the interior which seduces visitors to enter the container.

Art Pavilion-Overview from street

Art Pavilion-Close up

Art Pavilion-Exterior view

Art Pavilion-Close up view

Art Pavilion-Interior view

Art Pavilion-Interior

Art Paviliov-Position in public space