Project Description

place: Breda
year: 2010
size: 24 m2
status: Concept Design Phase
client: SEV
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Isabel Rivas


Research shows that 80% of all Dutch houses can’t be modified to the specific needs of elderly people.

Traditionally the living room is situated on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the top floor. If a bedroom on the ground floor is needed, in case of healthcare, the living room has to be sacrificed, resulting into a loss of quality.

The LIVING+ unit we designed for traditional row houses in the suburb ‘Prinsenbeek’ in the city of Breda provides a more elegant solution. It’s a prefab unit that can already be attached to the back of the house before the inhabitants are in need of a bedroom on the ground floor.

The unit can at start be used as a living room extension or as a extension to the kitchen. The unit can even be placed in the back of the garden to function as a garden house or small office. When the need of a bedroom on ground floor arrives the unit can easily be modified to become a bedroom with a special bathroom for elderly people.

The bedroom can have an open relationship with the living room and the garden. Through a skylight, that is positioned between the unit and the existing house, the living room will maintain enough daylight.

The unit is an upgrade to the house for each phase of a family life.

Living+ Unit-volumetric

Living+ Unit-exterior view

Living+ Unit-Interior view

Living+ Unit-plan layout 01

Living+ Unit-plan layout 02

Living+ Unit-exploded view