Project Description

place: Terschelling
year: 2015-2017
size: 140 m2
status: built
client: private
team: Remko Remijnse, Rocco Reukema, Agnese Argenti, Lucia Valero, Juan Camilo Arboleda

The client owns the existing recreation house in Midsland aan Zee on Terschelling. The current holiday home and its bad conditions do not meet the needs of the users. The client wishes to replace the current house with a new sustainable and landscape-based recreational house. A dwelling able to fit in the dune landscape by shape, materials, and colors; a house that offers panoramic views of the dunes and that, when not in use, would be possible to close in a more calm shape. In the design, the natural form and color palette of the dune landscape, which is present in Midsland aan Zee, is the source of inspiration.

The property perfectly blends with the landscape and is subordinate to its surroundings by its width, limited height, and large roof area; it has a logical focus on the open countryside in the south, that creates a panoramic view of the surroundings. Due to the natural occurrence of the landscape, the house is hardly noticeable from the road from West to Zee to Midsland aan Zee.

The house is clearly visible from the less busy road on the north side, where there is a slight bend towards the recreational house. By turning the roof from a quarter turn in view of the hood of the existing recreation dwelling, from east and west, it does not look at a high headlight but on a sloping roof. This contributes to the nature of recreational housing and the rise in the landscape.

The recreation house is always approached over the corner and never frontal. The width of the house is in our view of the desired image quality from the 2008 well-being note because the width is not maximized in this area, and also because the destination plan allows even greater width than applied.

The walls and roof will visually blend together thanks to the use of a specific natural wood type cladding, that will retain its natural color shade. The house thus looks like a modern volume in the landscape. The color scheme ensures that, given the greater distance, the volume increases in the landscape. A double height opening on the south side allows enjoying the panoramic view of the landscape. On the other sides, the smaller wall openings are fitted with shutters of the same material of the facade, in order to enhance the monolithic character of the house when the inhabitants are not present.


The house consists of two main parts: the north part towards the street and the south part towards the dunes. The northern one includes all the amenities, the bedrooms, and a study room, in a well organized and closed space. The southern part includes the living area and is more flexible and open. Its openness is also enhanced by a sliding glass door that reduces the boundary between outdoor and indoor spaces.